Imagine, for some hardcore reason, you decided to walk the length of the Silk Road, that ancient trade route that flowed between China and Rome. You plough through deserts and up snow mountains, ford rivers and jump over yaks, recover from food poisoning in northern India, and was not kidnapped in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Months later, thousands of kilometres from where you had started, when you have stopped bothering to pick the scorpions out of your boots and sand from your hair, your journey would bring you to the gates of one of the greatest civilizations in the world. Persia, Salaam! Gryphon-tipped pillars rise out from the desert sands and her cosmopolitan army – archers from Africa, riders from the steppes – stand immortal across the marbled temple walls. She was the conqueror of Athens and Babylon, a land of poetry and wine – Persia hgeili huubu! Persia very good! The traders who once lived and died by the Silk Road would tell you, of this land that lay between Caesar and Kublai Khan. … More Persia


The Imodium Express

In my travels I met many people who like looking at maps. A writer I met in a Berlin hostel once told me, “I love maps – how the roads on the maps so effortlessly cross borders and geographic constraints; a river here, a mountain range there, thin lines cutting through all of them. I … More The Imodium Express

A Story about Gaudi

One of the first things that is unmistakably Barcelona is thieves- oh wait, I mean, Gaudi. Gaudi was crazy, but he also happened to be one of the most talented architects ever, and everybody likes a story about someone crazy, so today we shall talk about him. A man attains immortality through many ways – … More A Story about Gaudi


The operator of the bus from Dubrovnik to Mostar was obviously an enlightened man. Creature comforts were frivolous concerns next to the enriching resplendence of dramatic scenery of the Croatia coastline. Outside the bus, the sun splashed liquid gold into the dark bosom of the Mediterranean sea, who murmured soft lullabies as her waves caressed … More Mostar

Get a Riiide! An (inebriated) Adventure with wine-sipping hipsters!

One of the most decadent things in life is to sit at the tip of a valley overlooking lush pleasant wineyards and rivers blue, popping grapes and sipping wine while white summer clouds tumble idly by. Such hedonistic pursuits would facilitate the idea of an cultural exchange, for I clearly remember Roman emperors, namely, exalted … More Get a Riiide! An (inebriated) Adventure with wine-sipping hipsters!